Head of Centre Mr. G. Caldwell
Business manager Ms S. Fargher
Deputy Head / SENCO Ms. K. Livesley
Assessment Leader / Integration and Reintegration Leader Ms. R. Lloyd
Science Leader Mrs. A. Lee
ICT Leader Ms. S. Holt
Literacy Leader Ms. S. Jones
Creative Curriculum Mrs C. Griffin
KS1 MFL Ms. N. Bentley
Administration Ms. L. Daley
Families and Safeguarding Ms. G. Carey
Dyslexia Leader/Anti-Bullying Leader Ms. C. Stevens
Th.Inc.Room Interventions Ms. D. Carroll
Nurture interventions Ms. J. Knott
Teaching Assistant Mrs. J. Dey
Mr B. Naylor
Mrs. J. Jones
Ms. A. Edwards
Ms. D. Carroll
Ms. J. Knott
Ms. G. Greenhalgh
Mrs C. Condon
Mrs V. Ogden
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