Ofsted Report

Inspection Judgements

Overall effectiveness: Good, 2

Achievement of pupils: Good, 2

Quality of teaching: Good, 2

Behaviour and safety of pupils: Good, 2

Leadership and management: Good, 2

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a good school.

  • The vast majority of pupils return successfully to mainstream school or on to other provision which meets their needs.
  • Progress in personal development for the vast majority of pupils is good and outstanding for some.
  • Pupils understand quickly how they need to behave in lessons, which helps them to achieve well.
  • From varying levels on entry each pupil’s progress is tracked carefully and the vast majority of pupils make good progress in English and mathematics.
  • Very strong partnerships exist with parents and the local community, which contributes to pupils’ achievement.
  • The effective headteacher is highly respected by all. She is ably supported by the deputy headteacher.
  • The management committee makes a good contribution to leadership.
  • Pupils are polite and behave well.
  • There is virtually no bullying and pupils feel very safe and secure.
  • Pupils’ views are highly valued and acted upon.
  • The work the unit does to prevent exclusion from mainstream school is highly effective.
  • Teachers have high expectations of the amount of work pupils will complete in each lesson.